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Sail number:  N 11
Designer: Johan Anker
Builder: Anker & Jensen boatyard in Vollen, Norway
Year: 1933
Length overall: 21.25 m
Length waterline: 13.92 m
Beam: 3.58 m
Draft: 2.90 m
Rig: Bermudan sloop
Displacement: 33 tonnes
Construction: Oregon pine hull on steel frames and ash ribs.
Rig: Oregon pine, 27 m
Sail area: 183 m2
Owner: Vema III AS

Brief summary of the history of Vema III:

Vema III was commissioned by Georg Unger Vetlesen for the RNYC´s 50th anniversary races outside Hankø in 1933.
Designed and built by the internationally renowned engineer and yachtsman Johan Anker in Vollen outside Oslo, she has in 2013 had 80 years of active sailing.
Over the years many owners and guests have enjoyed sailing onboard Vema III and she has once been described as ´21 metre of pure pleasure´.
Vema III was renovated at Walstedt Baadeverft in 2000 and she is today fully equipped for both comfortable cruising and keen racing - comlying with the 12 Metre Class International Measurement Rule.
Vema III is by many considered to be one of the most beautiful 12mR yachts ever built.

1933-37  Vema III
Owner: Georg Unger Vetlesen, Oslo/New York
Highlight:  Was built the year KNS celebrated 50 yr. Competed in numerous races at Hankø, in Scandinavia and at Cowes Week, Isle of Wight.

1937-40 Varg VI
Owner: Fritjof Larsen, Oslo (son of sailorikon Alfr. W. G. Larsen)
Highlight: Raced against T.O.M Sopwith and his 12 metre Blue Marlin at Hankø. Sopwith was the owner of the world famous J-class yacht Endeavour who challenged for the America´s Cup

Varg VI was used by the Norwegian Nazi organization Hirden during the German occupation of Norway during WWII. 

1945-1954 Diva III
Owner: Johan Sommerschild, Oslo
Highlight: Diva III (Vema III) was back at Norwegian hands after the WW2. Norway was at the time the only country in the world where 12 metres where still being raced and

Diva III (Vema III) had stiff competion from Charles U Bay, the US ambassador to Norway, and his yacht Norsaga.

1954-79 Lakme VI
Owner: Sam Ugelstad, Oslo
Highlight: Style and order as before. Two uniformed crew kept the boat in ship-shape condition. With Lakme VI being the biggest yacht in the fleet of the RNYC (KNS), Ugelstad had the honour of being Escadrille leader. The engine was installed in 1968 and at the same time the tiller was replaced by the steering wheel.

1979-99 Vema III
Owner: Tor Jørgen Dahl & Lars Christian Dahl, Oslo
Highlight: Renamed the yacht Vema III. Dahl understood the seriousness of the condition of Vema III and started replacing some of the most key structural elements which where completely taken by corrosion. Prize for best preserved boat at the Wooden Boat Festival in Risør in 1994 and at Walstedt Baadeverft in 2002

1999-2006 Vema III
Owners: Einar Nagell Erichsen/ Tor Jørgen Dahl
Highlight: Extensive restoration at Walstedt Baadeverft in Denmark.  Raced at the America´s Cup Jubilee in Cowes in 2001.

2006-  Vema III
Owner: Vema III AS

Highlight: A group of keen sailors secures Vema III and established Vema III AS


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